Photographers & Coordinators! 2 VIP’s at your wedding!

Photographers & Coordinators! 2 VIP’s at your wedding!

When I met with brides, groom and their families, one thing I always tell them is the importance of having a good (not cheapest) photographer and a wedding coordinator (not a friend or family member).  I have photographers contact me all the time wanting me to refer them.  I refer the photographers that have done great work with our venue in the past.  I always recommend looking at their website, Facebook page and Instagram account to see their photos.  How do they use the venue they are shooting at?  Do you see the people in the photo or all the “stuff” around them.  Do they edit and crop out some of the less desirable things in the background.  The reason I think photographers are so important…..it’s the only thing from that day that you will look at over and over again.  Don’t waste money on the little stuff, pay more for a great photographer.

Another VIP at your wedding will be your wedding coordinator.  One of our packages provides an experienced coordinator for you.  A coordinator (or planner if you need more assistance) will make your wedding day run smoothly.  They will keep the tension down between everyone but especially the bride.  The coordinator will make sure your vendors show up (on time), have what is needed and set up properly.  Small things that no one thinks of that a coordinator will do:  pin on corsages and boutonnieres, have rings and license ready, check out your attire before the big event (no lipstick on teeth), correct music plays for the ceremony, guests eat at correct time (or they get hangry and leave).  These are only a few of the things that our coordinators do.  Trust me, it is so well worth it to have someone who is trained in doing this, doing this!


I love to share ideas and suggestions.  My brain runs at 90 miles an hour (usually faster than my mouth).  So if you are one of our brides or planning an upcoming tour with me.  I can’t wait to talk to you about your dream wedding day.  And remember, no question is a stupid questions!

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