Marriage to the right person will change you to a better you!

Marriage to the right person will change you to a better you!

I used to be extremely high strung…ask my coworkers from the 90’s. Something changed in me in the last few years. Maybe it was my marriage to a wonderful, kind, unselfish man. Maybe it was the death of my mother. Maybe it was my renewal in my religious faith. I’m not sure what changed me but I do know that I’m a different person. I’ve learned to be a more relaxed, accommodating, caring and kind person. Taking just a few minutes to be kind to someone can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

I try to use that in assisting brides and families in their wedding’s. This is such a big day for a bride, the groom, the parents. Why be negative and bossy and unaccommodating to anyone? My goal for a bride is to make the day she marries her Prince Charming, the most fantastic, memorable day of her life. After all, Prince Charming will hopefully come around only once for the bride. I’ll do whatever I can to make that day happen for her. It takes such little effort and she puts so much planning and effort into it yet it only last for a few hours. It needs to be a day she remembers for the rest of her life and hopefully at The Kincaid House, it will be a positive memory.

Actually, I think it’s all 3 of the things I mentioned that have made me a better person. But I can say that my husband keeps me calm, keeps me level headed, takes a lot of stress from me. We love to do things together and share so many common interest. I like to say that we are both corny but we get each other. He’s the right person for me and I hope everyone gets to experience the same feeling with their “right person” and will be a better person because of it. I’ll do my best to help the brides at The Kincaid House start that experience with a great day!

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