Are Party Favors A Necessity? No!

Are Party Favors A Necessity? No!

I’ve just finished reading a post about the different types of best party favors for 2019.    First, let me tell you that one of the top trends according to 2019 is “scents” and “organic”.  I would say that few of our brides will do anything that elaborate.  My thoughts on those 2 items are 1. not everyone likes the same scent and a lot of people my age (52), won’t like the scents that a 25 year old would pick out.  2.  I love organic items but not everyone cares like I do, so why spend the extra money for an “organic” item for a guest?

I wanted to share some of my experiences with you.   Brides order too many party favors.  I have a collection of koozies that never made it home.  I’ve eaten way too many cookies that were left after the guests didn’t take them (they were very appreciated by me).  We’ve picked up tons of candy that kids just played with and didn’t eat.  Some of our favorites have been a trail mix bar and small honey jars.  The trail mix bar is by far the best we have ever had…..not a bite left! 

So let’s think about this.…..you are spending money to feed each guest and usually have alcoholic beverages for the guest, so why do you need to give them a gift for coming?  Believe me, they are happy to be here already.  The absolute best gift you can give them is recognizing them at the wedding.  A simple “thank you for coming to our wedding” personally is all they really  need.  That costs nothing.  Guests want to feel special.  They are special because you asked them to attend.  So just giving them that feeling is the best party favor you can give.  And it will save you some great money.

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