An Anderson County Venue – A Post Retirement Venture

An Anderson County Venue – A Post Retirement Venture

I thought I would retire and just volunteer, workout and spend time with my husband and my 92 year old mother in law. After 6 months, I was bored. I’ve always been a goal setter. Volunteering is great and I feel rewarded but it just wasn’t the same as having a goal and achieving it. I had hosted and attended events at Brownworth Manor and was very disappointed when it closed. One night, out of the blue, I asked my husband to make a call and see if it might be for sale. He knew what my plans where and he thought that was a great idea. When he called, he got an asking price and after we had it inspected, we decided to buy it. Thus, retirement ended for me, exactly 7 months after it began.

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to provide Anderson County with an event venue that was so successful in the past. In my first month of ownership, I was contacted by numerous vendors and clients wanting to host events there. It’s a beautiful property and I hope that you can attend an event at The Kincaid House. There is so much history involved with this house and the Kincaid Family, former owner’s of Magnet Mills. I’ll share some more information in the next few weeks.

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