2020 was a learning experience!

2020 was a learning experience!

We made it through another wedding year and it was so different. It was different for us, our couples, our families, the vendors and we all learned a lot from it. Personally, I have to say that The Kincaid House was truly blessed with some of the most wonderful couples that I could have imagined. God was looking out for us when he sent them to us!

We made it through one wedding before the quarantine hit and the next wedding was in June with a limit of 50 guests and everything socially distanced. Lakelin and Taylor were absolutely the best couple we could have asked for. During this learning experience, they remained so calm and understanding. They reminded what a joy it could be to help someone during a difficult time. We kept having weddings, socially distanced, and as it became less stringent, we were able to allow more guests. With each wedding, the couples and guests seemed to enjoy it even during difficult circumstances. At the end of the wedding season in December, we were able to proudly say, WE HAD NO COVID EXPOSURE AT ANY EVENT!

You can have a wonderful wedding with a small number of guests. Several of the couples who were married in June and July remarked that it was very nice having a small, intimate group so they could speak to everyone and enjoy the company of the friends and family they had invited. I remember at our first wedding, the bride and groom said they just wanted to be married and as long as that happened it didn’t matter how many guests attended because they loved each other and wanted to be together in marriage.

2020 was a very different year and I hope everyone, especially some other venues, will learn from these experiences. As I transition a lot of my management over this year to a very capable group of individuals who worked hard for The Kincaid House last year, I look very forward to a year of beautiful weddings!

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